About us

Welcome to Daugai, situated on a peninsula in a lake of the same name. In the historical sources, the parish school was mentioned in 1777. There was only elementary school till 1944's. Then it was reorganised into the progymnasium, and in 1947, the gymnasium was established. In the year 1949, the school got the secondary school status.

In the year 2007 Daugai secondary school was named as Vladas Mironas secondary school. And, in 2011 our school got high school status. Therefore, now we are Daugai Vlado Mirono High school.

There are about 300 students, 38 teachers. Our graduates achieve good results every year; 80-90% of students enter the different universities of Lithuania. A lot of students participate successfully in different contests, achieve brilliant results in sport competitions.  Our high school has its symbols - the flag, the badge, the anthem; our students wear uniforms.

As concerns our high school‘s organization and management, it has been managed by the headmaster Almantas Jakimavičius since 1998; it also has its council of the teachers, the council of the students and the committee of the parents of our students. The great helpers are the psychologist, the speech and language therapist and the social worker.

Our high school sees itself as constantly learning, open to changes, having professional teachers who educate an inquisitive, responsible, tolerant, creative personality who would be able to adapt to modern society‘s lifestyle and working conditions.

As for facilities, there are two computer classes in our school. Besides, the students can spend their free time in the library's reading-room, where they also have the possibility to use the computers.  The library is the centre providing information for all the community of our school. The students and all the staff are provided with various dishes in the school canteen every day. If you want to do some sport, you can enjoy outdoor activities in the stadium or two playing fields or go to the gym and try some indoor exercising.

Our high school has its traditional celebrations such as the Beginning of the School Year on September 1, Day of European Languages, the Last Bell ceremony, Graduation Ceremony, Restoration of the State Day etc. There is one more remarkable celebration which has been celebrated for 5 years now - Pride of High School. It is a touching and beautiful event where everyone working hard and successfully has the chance to be awarded diplomas or prizes. On that special day, all the students get a huge cake!

Well, come and visit our lovely and green town, experience one of the greatest pleasures - swimming in the lakes. And, don‘t forget to visit our high school - you will definitely get a warm welcome!